Hillcrest Medical Center

Job Description


This individual must be able to operate all routine radiographic equipment in a safe and proficient manner. They must maintain their registry status as set forth by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (A.R.R.T.) or be registry eligible.

This individual must be able to handle telephone scheduling of procedures. The incumbent must be able to demonstrate proficiency in operating the PACS computer system.

The incumbent must be able to produce high quality radiographs with a minimum of repeats. Must be able to handle multiple room assignments and all different types of exams on a daily basis. Must be able to communicate with physicians, patients, families, and ancillary hospital personnel. Must directly oversee all duties assigned to first year students, and indirectly oversee all duties assigned to second year students; will assist in evaluation of student progress. Will participate in performance improvement initiatives. Will assist with other activities as deemed necessary for the day to day operation of the department.

The incumbent must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served. The individual must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and possess the ability to assess data reflective of the patient's status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient's requirements relative to his or her age-specific needs, and to provide the care needed as described in the department's competency plan.

Currently registred with ARRT or registry eligible

Employment Type