Hillcrest Medical Center

Job Description


The position of the medical social worker incorporates clinical social work within the case management system. The social worker has three main purposes. First, to be the patient advocate that is acting as liaison between patient and medical personnel. Second, to address the emergent needs of both patient and family through counseling, education, and brokering of needed community services and resources, the focus being to facilitate long term health and well-being, empower self responsibility and self sufficiency. Third, to provide clinical social work services, case management and discharge planning within the continuum of care, ensuring efficient and effective utilization of hospital services and resources while maintaining compassionate and quality care. The social worker will be responsible for assisting comprehensive bio-psycho-social patient profile, utilizing relevant psychotherapeutic interventions that address roles, relationships, and resources, and their impact on the patient's health care. Then develop and implement appropriate treatment plans demonstrating knowledge of the patient's specific needs. The social worker is held accountable to ensure that discharge planning is appropriate, timely, and communicated to the patient, family, and health care team.

This position has minimum requirement of an MSW from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). An active member of the National Association of Social Workers is also desired.

Employment Type