CT Technologist-Lead (Radiology)

Mercy Hospital
Oklahoma City

Job Description

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Our mission is clear. We bring to life a healing ministry through our compassionate care and exceptional service.

We dont believe in jobs at Mercy, we believe in careers that match the unique gifts of unique individuals; careers that not only make the most of your skills and talents, but also your heart.

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Under the supervision of the CT Supervisor and the Radiologist, performs CT examinations. Performs a variety of procedures which require independent judgement, with ingenuity and initiative to apply prescribed ionizing radiation to obtain CT examinations. Assists in the supervision of CT examinations, daily work flow and supervisor duties as assigned. Assists with scheduling technologist, equipment and other resources according to the needs of the patients and physicians. Handle confidential information and patient records. Will perform all work with accord to the mission, vision, and values of Mercy Health Center.

Perform CT examinations utilizing established protocols of technical factors, patient
positioning, and computer manipulation. Manage and maintain protocol books,
research new protocols and train staff.

1.1 On a daily basis with limited supervision from the CT Supervisor, performs quality CT examinations in accordance with accepted department standards as
ordered by staff physicians. Each order will be verified by reviewing the patient's chart
and/or requisition.
1.2 During verification of each examination, the correct protocol outlining patient
position and technique will be selected and initiated by the technologist in accordance
with accepted standards. Variations from the established protocol will be prescribed
and supervised by the radiologist and/or ordering physician.
1.3 Proper identification and orientation of patient's position will be maintained in
accordance with accepted department standards.
1.4 Each patient will receive compassionate, understanding and professional care at
all times.
1.5 Appropriately select and operate CT equipment in accordance with prescribed and
posted safety practices.
1.6 Accurately complete CT examinations in a timely manner as established by
department protocol.
1.7 Assists CT supervisor with Mercy Canadian county CT department operations.
1.8 Assists with necessary supervisor roles in the abscence of supervisor.
1.9 Coordinates daily operations and work flow.
1.10 Oversees CT supplies and orders as needed.
1.11 Cordinates interventional procedures with Radiologist and other necessary
1.12 Starts daily operations in scheduling in patients for the day and working in add on
Prepare and administer contrast agents for examinations as outlined by CT protocols.

2.1 Maintain adequate levels of contrast agent stock at all times.
2.2 Prepare contrast agents utilizing proper equipment and procedures.
2.3 Review patient's medical record chart for renal function results, obtain clinical
history for known drug allergies, and in accordance with accepted standards.
2.4 Coordinate the preparation of oncology patients having infusion ports and/or
subclavian catheters, requiring intravenous injections as outlined in departmental
2.5 Assists in managing Omni Cell stock and quality control
Instruct patient of special requirements (i.e., breathing, motion, etc) and provide
appropriate explanation of the procedure.

3.1 In a compassionate, professional manner, always addressing their mental and
physical needs, explain the entire procedure.
Ensure accuracy and completeness of requisitions, film folders, and all associated
computer system functions.

4.1 Correlate each requisition with written orders for accuracy.
4.2 Verify clinical information on each requisition.
4.3 Change the examination to the "taken" status in the Meditech.
4.4 Ensures that all images are routed to the proper teleradiology components.
4.5 Oversees UV workflow and quality control.
Perform Continuous Quality Improvement functions as assigned. These could include
data collection, patient surveys, and participation on quality teams.

5.1 Perform daily/weekly phantom studies as specified by protocol to verify quality

Demonstrates knowledge of special needs and behaviors of specific age groups to
include neonatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric.


Each career at Mercy represents unique members of our caring ministrys body, working together for the health and strength of the whole. To achieve our goals, we need all the parts functioning at their best and this requires the specific qualifications that youll bring with you:

Education: Approved program in Radiologic Technology, associate or baccalaureate degree. Certification with ARRT. CT registered.
Experience: Eighteen (18) months experience required.
Certifications: Approved program in Radiologic Technology, associate or baccalaureate degree. Certification with ARRT. CT registered. CPR

Other: Good oral and written communication skills.

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Employment Type

Full Time