RN - House Supervisor

St. Anthony Hospital
Oklahoma City

Job Description


Role Purpose:

Provides administrative leadership and supervision for Patient Care Services. Work in collaboration with management to provide clinical supervision and consultation to nursing personnel. Facilitate coordination of all patient care activities, including liaison activities as necessary with ancillary departments on evenings, nights, weekends, holidays or other shifts as designated.

    • Assist with the overall administrative and clinical management of the hospital and Department of Nursing. Make rounds on units to resolve and/or assist staff to resolve identified problems in order of priority.
    • Interpret and support Hospital philosophy and mission values to ensure delivery of holistic, age-appropriate patient care. Monitor the appropriateness of patient care and nursing care activities as defined in nursing policy and in accordance with applicable laws and regulatory standards. Utilize resources to resolve problems.
    • Demonstrate competence in clinical practice and in administering care to varied patient age groups and/or facilitate appropriate resources to provide the best possible patient outcomes.
    • Interpret and execute policies and procedures of the Hospital and the Department of Nursing on the shifts worked. Collaborate with the VP to formulate, revise, and/or modify policies and procedures to assist with the improvement of the standards of the Department of Nursing and to ensure one level of care.
    • Respond to emergency situations and supports staff to assess, implement and evaluate effectiveness of clinical, psychosocial management decisions for patient care interventions. Collaborate with all patient care and support departments for decision making and for resolution of patient care and/or management problems.
    • Serve as a resource to staff in their review of the quality of care delivery and provide feedback to management, physicians, patient/family/decision makers and other customers regarding positive and negative outcomes. Maintain open communications with all levels of management to keep informed of issues and to provide follow-up.
    • Assist management with the coordination of staffing in order to ensure competent and age appropriate nursing care as required by needs of the patient population. Support the management of resources to measure and achieve acceptable variation from budget as established administratively. Demonstrate effective decision-making skills based on firsthand information and/or analysis of data. Report to VP in a timely manner, any resource difficulties which cannot be problem solved.
    • Maintain and enhance professional management skills and remain abreast of current or revised nursing techniques/technologies by attending educational programs, seminars, conferences or workshops. Utilize automated processes and clinical information systems appropriately and efficiently and assist others as necessary. Accept additional managerial assignments to promote smoother functioning of the organization.
    • Participate in management meetings at least monthly.
    • Participate in the interviewing process as appropriate and provide input to identify suitable individuals for positions. Orient new employees to departmental policy issues and procedures. Counsel employees as needed and forwards documentation of incidents to appropriate department head. In life threatening or volatile situations, may suspend employees. Provides input to managers on employee performance and documents as requested/indicated.
    • Perform other duties that correspond to the overall function of this position including those duties of workers supervised as allowed by Oklahoma Statutes.


Minimum Qualifications:
Preferred Qualifications:
About SSM St. Anthony's Hospital
St. Anthony Hospital is a 601-bed regional referral facility specializing in cardiology, oncology, surgery and behavioral medicine. The hospital, established in 1898, is located in Midtown Oklahoma City and serves the needs of Central Oklahoma, as well as many counties throughout Oklahoma, through its large rural affiliate network of hospitals. Four St. Anthony Healthplex campuses provide convenient emergency and outpatient service access to the outlying communities of the metropolitan area. St. Anthony added urgent care services in May 2015 at St. Anthony North. St. Anthony has received numerous awards including the Oklahoma Quality Award for Excellence, Certified Healthy Business, Premier QUEST® Award for High-value Healthcare Citation of Merit, among others. Healthsights ranks St. Anthony at performance levels for quality and patient satisfaction higher than local competitors and many national health care organizations.

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