St. Anthony Hospital
Oklahoma City

Job Description


Role Purpose:

Collect, label, and distribute specimens of inpatients, outpatients, and non-patients for clinical laboratory testing and diagnosis.

    • Demonstrate successful achievement of job functions as listed on the competency sheet for Phlebotomist. Does Not Meet Standard = Less than 75% of job functions evaluated are satisfactory; Meet Standard = 75% – 95% of job functions evaluated are satisfactory; and Exceeds Standard = More than 95% of job functions evaluated are satisfactory.
    • Respond to STATS with average TAT 30 minutes from order to collect.
    • Accurately label blood specimens.
    • Total less than seven errors per moth of any combination of the following: failure to perform tracking in ED, failure to collect appropriate specimen, failure to label specimen correctly (note: two occurrences will result in unsatisfactory performance), failure to notify physician if unable to collect blood specimen, failure to leave notice of non-collect, failure to communicate with other phlebotomists resulting in delayed draws, failure to run collection summary report, or failure to meet patient expectations (evidence by occurrence reports).
    • Average at least twenty sticks per shift.
    • Consistently maintain an average of more than 120 documented activities per 8 hour day unless total documented activities divided by the staff hours on a shift averages less than 120.
    • Work up 'in lab' specimens as soon as possible after they print.
    • Perform other related duties as directed that correspond to the overall function of this position.


Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

About SSM St. Anthony's Hospital

St. Anthony Hospital is a 601-bed regional referral facility specializing in cardiology, oncology, surgery and behavioral medicine. The hospital, established in 1898, is located in Midtown Oklahoma City and serves the needs of Central Oklahoma, as well as many counties throughout Oklahoma, through its large rural affiliate network of hospitals. Four St. Anthony Healthplex campuses provide convenient emergency and outpatient service access to the outlying communities of the metropolitan area. St. Anthony added urgent care services in May 2015 at St. Anthony North. St. Anthony has received numerous awards including the Oklahoma Quality Award for Excellence, Certified Healthy Business, Premier QUEST® Award for High-value Healthcare Citation of Merit, among others. Healthsights ranks St. Anthony at performance levels for quality and patient satisfaction higher than local competitors and many national health care organizations.